Our Team


Dana Bryce
Executive Director & Head of Communications

Why K・Y・N? The tradition of storytelling is one that has made a marked difference in our world. History itself is simply an account of events that have happened, often through a lens, or point of view.

The Know・Your・Neighbour (K・Y・N) Project came about as a response to the need for more awareness… the need to highlight those stories that don’t always get centre stage. In particular, stories from Toronto, our city. Stories that need to be heard.

As a writer, my role is to write. Together, our role is to speak. Speak up, reach out, and we’ll help draft your story so that others can learn from your lived experience. And, so that history isn’t claimed solely by the loudest voices.

David Stol
Lead Editor

Why K・Y・N? David is a writer and editor by trade and comes to K・Y・N looking to assist in its mission for storytelling

    Kristen Le
    Communications Coordinator

    Why K・Y・N? I am extremely passionate about global resistance against systems of oppression. I am currently pursuing a major in Media Studies at Western University with a minor in Global Studies, specifically in the stream of Global Rights. I want to continue to question and dismantle the status-quo that keeps our spaces complacent; I see no reason as to why we cannot imagine a better future for ourselves, to live and fight for solidarity together.

    To me, KYN is an incredible avenue led by a team of people who have these same goals; it is an act of resistance against the silence and status-quo tendencies permitted by oppressive systems. I saw my values were very conducive to the KYN project: I believe that through community efforts, we can ignite change by amplifying the voices of marginalized groups that have been fighting for solidarity, together.

    Toluwa Fayemi
    Communications Coordinator

    Why K・Y・N? I’m a writer, director and educator with a lifelong passion for sustainable development and equality. In both academia and the arts, I make it my mission to amplify voices that far too often go unheard.

    Stories are our most powerful forms of communication and it’s through the stories that we tell that we’re best able to share ideas, learn lessons and expand our perspectives. To me, K•Y•N’s mission is in its name; it’s hard not to love something – or someone – that you truly know. I joined K•Y•N because I wanted to be a part of an initiative that – through storytelling – allows us to celebrates our differences and begin building stronger, more unified communities.

      Jordan Lipson
      Communications Coordinator

      Why K・Y・N? A passion of mine that I plan to pursue in university is language learning. I love how learning a new set of words and tones can break down barriers and give us access to voices we never would have heard otherwise.

      What KYN gives me is the opportunity to translate, through writing, the thoughts and struggles of others into stories that we can all learn from or relate to. I believe many of the major problems that are occurring today are the result of a lack of knowledge and understanding of one another. KYN is a platform for sharing the stories and struggles of others we may have never known about before, which can only open our minds and hearts to a future where we stand in solidarity and discrimination is a thing of the past.

      Mariam Niazi
      Communications Coordinator

      Why K・Y・N? Coming Soon

      Graphic Design

      Sofia Berger
      Head of Graphic Design

      Why K・Y・N? Sofia is a practising artist and instructor with a keen interest in design and marketing. She was previously the Publication Design Editor at Forest City Gallery, the Marketing Intern at Museum London and Gallery Assistant at Michael Gibson Gallery. She is the Co-Founder of Eraser Gallery, an online and transient platform that seeks dynamic work to highlight and promote from artists in any geography and career level.

      Sofia joined the KYN Project as Head of Graphic Design to visually emphasize the importance of compassion through storytelling. She hopes to assist in creating a platform that acts as a safe space for vulnerability, a place of both learning and unlearning, and as an avenue that encourages donations to Toronto-based organizations geared towards human rights.


      Maya Mitchell
      Head of Outreach

      Why K・Y・N? I recently graduated from Western University where I received an Honors Double Major in Kinesiology and Psychology. My time at university heightened my awareness to the many injustices that existed within and beyond the communities I was apart of.

      I believe that storytelling is a powerful way to learn about one another and remind ourselves that we are not always alone in what we experience. In these current times it is vital to do everything we can to build an understanding regarding those around us. KYN has granted me the opportunity to make a contribution to an initiative I believe is important to our community.

      Angela Wang
      Director of Advocacy

      Why K・Y・N? I am a recent psychology and business graduate from Western University who is going into my first year of joint grad/PhD for clinical psychology. I have always been passionate about creating conversations around mental health and plan to focus on the gap for clinical psychology of POC and marginalized communities as the focal point for my thesis and dissertation.

      KYN is a platform that gives space for open dialogue about the different obstacles we have had to overcome, which in turn allows us to educate others about our unique experiences and celebrate the connection of our similarities. I hope that through proper discourse and more awareness of injustices around the world, we will be able to create a society where we all can belong.

      François Pouliot
      Director of Community Partnerships

      Why K・Y・N? Coming Soon.

        Diana Victoria Cano-Vega
        Outreach Coordinator

        Why K・Y・N? I started off my post secondary career studying global health at York University, which pertains to current global health issues, humanitarianism and planetary health. I am currently a premedical nursing student. I want to implement both fields into helping others in my own community and around the world.

        I believe it takes one person to want to change the world, but it takes a community to make that change possible and I trust in KYN to be just that, the start of something great.

        Issa Diaz
        Outreach Coordinator

        Why K・Y・N? Coming Soon.

          Content/Social Media

          Alessia Campoli
          Head of Content/Social Media

          Why K・Y・N? Coming Soon.


            Milène Fabrizio
            Head of Marketing

            Why K・Y・N? Coming Soon.

              James Alexander Bryce
              Director of Marketing Operations

              Why K・Y・N? Coming Soon.

                Monica Coroblea
                Marketing Coordinator

                Why K・Y・N? Coming Soon.